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Home is a story about a young woman returning to confront her childhood home, and the monster that lurks within.

This project is a study in atmosphere and tone, achieved through staging and lighting.

Funhouse (Photoshop)

When a mysterious carnival comes to town, Nelly is determined to get the inside scoop before it's grand opening Thursday night. Wednesday morning, Nelly slips past the teacher's watchful eyes during recess to the half set up fair grounds. Worried for his best friend, Trevor anxiously follows Nelly in hopes of changing her mind and getting her back to school before either of them can get in trouble. Little do they know, what unravels at the fairground is about to change the course of their weekend, and their lives, forever.

Family Dinner (SB Pro)

One night, a young girl stumbles across a humble farmhouse after getting lost in the woods. The family living there kindly invite her in for dinner. However, everything might not be as kindly as they seem.

Drama + Suspense

Tavern Fight (Blender)

Bar fight sequence. Serves as a character set up scene. Models by me. All storyboards done in blender.

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